Issue No.45 - October 2015

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First issued: October 2015Number of articles: 7
Editorial: Another edition to the history books
It is at a rather unusual time in _The Post Hole_'s calendar that I find myself addressing you in my final editorial. This unconventional timing is the result o...
The Rock Paintings of Cauadzidziqui Revisited
## Abstract Click to enlargeFigure 1. The mountainous terrain of eastern Guerrero as seen from Cauadzidziqui. (Image Copyright: Arnaud F. Lambert). _Since...
A tale of two bricks
Click to enlargeFigures 1 and 2. Examples of firebricks marked E & M or V & D found on Penny Steel, Staithes, North Yorkshire, UK. Author's own. Photographs tak...
Bridging ancient and modern artisanal fisheries in Latin American: assessing the role of cultural heritage to poverty alleviation in coastal Brazil
What is the role of cultural heritage for poverty alleviation in the coastal areas of Latin America? Artisanal fisheries are a traditional and crucial source of...
The destructive nature of archaeology
The term 'excavation' came from the Latin word _excavare_: _ex_- 'out' and _cavare_ - 'to make or become hollow'. The dictionary definition of the act of excava...
Excavations at the Black Friary: A Unique Digging Experience in Ireland
## Abstract _In 2014, I participated in a multidisciplinary field school course at the Black Friary in Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland. Excavations, with a focus on c...
Digging in Sicily!
For those of you who have had the pleasure of participating in archaeological excavations, you will agree that it is a unique experience filled with excitement,...

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