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The Post Hole meets... Dr Efthymia Nakita

As part of our The Post Hole meets York Seminar interview series we talk to Dr Efthymia Nakita, who discusses biological archaeology and osteology in the Sahara and the Aegean.

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The Post Hole meets York Seminar

The Post Hole meets York Seminar
'The Post Hole meets York Seminar' is a video interview series that sees The Post Hole talk to a variety of archaeologists in association with York's Dept. of Archaeology Seminars series.

Special Feature Interviews

Special Feature Interviews
Our Special Feature interviews provide insights into current archaeological projects and concerns. We speak directly to those involved on some of the most important topics in archaeology today!

Digging through the Profession

Digging through the Profession
The 'Digging through the Profession' interview series talks to archaeological practitioners, who provide useful tips on getting into professional archaeology and give us the low-down on how the profession really works!

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