Issue No.14 - November 2010

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First issued: November 2010Number of articles: 8
How I Met The Rock Gods
If there is one thing you have to know about Sardinians it is that they are so laid back they are practically horizontal. That was the pervading theme of my fi...
Archaeology and Text: Deciphering The Myth
Archaeology remains subservient to, and parasitic upon, history (Moreland 2003, 103) After being an archaeology student for two years now, I can quite safel...
Nationalism, Archaeology, and Yugoslavia
Archaeological theory deals with the way in which material culture is interpreted: interpretation allows the archaeologist to make inferences on past societies ...
What's In These Bones? The Bioarchaeology Of Me
As a follow up to Helen Mackie's self-completed osteological report (2010) in our last issue, I will attempt to assess what future archaeologists might conclude...
Histology: An Overview
As a Dutch student attending the European Meeting of the Palaeopathology Association in August 2010, I was very lucky to present a paper on histology in palaeop...
A Reply to Preece - Hole-istic Post-Post-Processualism?
Preece's (2010) broadside against the worryingly common indifference to theory in archaeology should be welcomed, and hopefully will provide an impetus to debat...
A Review Of The Yorkshire Museum
Click to enlargeFigure 1. View of the inside of the museum (Photo credit: Author) As a child I spent a lot of time trawling museums with my parents, being fa...
An Interview With Charlotte Roberts
Figure 1. Professor Charlotte Roberts (Photo credit: Roberts) Professor Charlotte Roberts, of the University of Durham, is one of the country's foremost bioa...

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