Issue No.8 - November 2009

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First issued: November 2009Number of articles: 5
Mud and Legend: The Archaeology of Mythology
[The realm of myth and magic] is a dangerous field: fairies abound, good fairies and bad fairies, dragons and dragon-slayers, gods and goddesses, truth and unt...
The Staffordshire Hoard: a bounty of the kings?
The Staffordshire hoard is the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver found to date. Officially it has been declared treasure, and museums are curren...
To what extent is the divide between public and private life reflected in Roman Italy? (Part 2)
## Temples and Ritual Click to enlargeFigure 1: Entrance of the Temple of Romulus, Rome (credit: author) Temples were obviously divided into public and pr...
Urban Exploration; boldly going where millions have gone before.
Click to enlargeFigure 1: Leeds historical expedition society (credit: Davidson, P.) I first came across Phill Davison on a website called 'Secret Leeds', a ...
The Orkney Islands
"The Orkney Imagination is haunted by time" - (George Mackay Brown, cited Foster 2006, 57) When you think of Orkney, you see images of an isolated community ...

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