Issue No.18 - November 2011

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First issued: November 2011Number of articles: 8
Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new year of study at King's Manor. An especially big welcome is extended to all the exciting new faces that autumn term ha...
Meet The Team
A few short introductions to the new team running The Post Hole over the coming three terms. ## Jenny Borrett (co-editor) Jenny is a mature student and a lo...
Sue Black Interview
Sue Black holds a Professorship in Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee. As well as ...
Rethinking King's Manor
With an Introduction by Dr John Schofield Click to enlargeFigure 1 - Hans Hack's Painting (Image Copyright - Hans Hack) Anyone visiting the Department of ...
Archaeology North Duffield
The following item is intended to chart developments since I last reported to The Post Hole in October 2010 (Issue 13). I feel that I should just reflect on ...
Theory 101
## The New Archaeology I am not what many would classify as a typical archaeologist. In fact many of my thoughts and ideas fall well outside the typical norms ...
A Review of the Public Launch of PALAEO
On Tuesday the 18th October, the launch of the University of York interdisciplinary research group, PALAEO, was celebrated with an afternoon of public lectu...
This competition is available only to students of the University of York. Apologies to our readership outside of the University. University of York students ca...

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