Jennifer Borrett
jb793 [at] york.ac.uk

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new year of study at King's Manor. An especially big welcome is extended to all the exciting new faces that autumn term has brought us, including our new first year undergraduates and the new arrival of post-graduate students.

Mark and I are now entering our third year of study, with me aiming for a BSc and Mark studying for a BA (both in Archaeology). Our third year is going to be taken up with writing our dissertations and we recommend this year's second years start thinking about their possible research topics now. That can be quite a fun process and a good opportunity to let yourself shine.

The Post Hole has an exciting year planned! We are really looking forward to being inundated with lots and lots of articles from everyone! Please do not be shy, and please do not lack the confidence, you might have something really interesting to share. We would like to publish two issues a term for you, with about six articles in each. There are going to be interviews with some well-known faces in archaeology, which we are really excited about.

Do not forget to check us out online. You can read, and rate, our articles on our website https://www.theposthole.org/ and join our Facebook page for some chatter. If you want to submit something, details for potential authors can be found at the Post Hole website.

I hope everyone has an absolutely fantastic year, but do not forget to buy extra thick jumpers and woolly gloves. King's Manor will soon be freezing! Seeing lots of students in heavy coats, mittens, bobble hats and scarves, working at the computers in K120, is a sight to be seen! But it is a happy price to pay for being in such an old and beautiful stone building. Do check out the history of King's Manor, because it is an incredible place. And feel free to say hello to us if you see us around the building.

Jenny Borrett (co-editor)