Issue No.13 - October 2010

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First issued: October 2010Number of articles: 7
Grahame Clark - A Prehistoric Pioneer
Perhaps one of the most influential prehistorians of the 20th century, Grahame Clark was a renaissance archaeologist and brought around a much needed change in ...
North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society
North Duffield is an agricultural village in the south of the Vale of York and on the edge of the Lower Derwent Valley. It is 6 miles from Selby and 12 miles fr...
Sk-Helen-ton: The Osteology of Myself
Over the past two years studying archaeology at university, I have found a love that may sound weird to many people and be considered slightly morbid. I have a...
Illumina and new techniques in DNA analysis: An overview
Mankind is always on the search for who, how and why we are human. Rather uniquely as humans, we always strive for the unreachable and try to understand the imp...
Post-Holier Than Thou: Archaeological Theory and Me
The problem with archaeological theory is that it can appear to be irrelevant. It is difficult when discussing terms such as 'processualism' and 'post-processua...
A Conference in Review: the Palaeopathology Association's Meeting in Vienna
Click to enlargeFigure 1. Author with conference participants. (Photo credit: Author) The Naturhistoriches Museum of Vienna, Austria, hosted the 18th annual ...
A Review of Archaeological Investigation
Click to enlargeMartin Carver's Archaeological Investigation. (Reproduced by kind permission of Martin Carver) Archaeological Investigation, published in 200...

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