Issue No.1 - October 2008

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First issued: October 2008Number of articles: 7
Hungate: The New Jorvik?
Anyone who likes the Vikings or indeed actually reads their emails from the department will have heard about the latest discoveries at Hungate. The new discover...
## Get involved with The Post Hole The Post Hole is a bi-termly student newsletter ran undergrad and postgrad students. If you want to get involved, writing ar...
Against Archaeology in Modern Media
Archaeology has been portrayed in the media since the earliest travellers voyaged to Egypt. With these travels came stories of mummies and even novels set on ar...
Excavation as Theatre - Why on earth not?!
I'm going to stick my neck out and say I love archaeology in the media. Its trashy, inaccurate and sexy. I love it! And this is for more reasons than the entert...
Hints and Tips: Starting the New Academic Year
## First Years The first year is a brilliant time of your degree. You have work to do but they start you off fairly lightly so really, really make the most of ...
Interview with an Aerial Photographer
What is your job title?I'm an aerial photography interpreter for an external company based at English Heritage.What are your current projects?I'm working on the...
Photogrammetry Using PI3000
The department has recently acquired a software package named PI3000. This is used to create 3D models from normal photographs. ## Using PI3000 A calibrated...

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