Gemma Doherty
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Get involved with The Post Hole

The Post Hole is a bi-termly student newsletter ran undergrad and postgrad students. If you want to get involved, writing articles, submitting photos or anything else you can think of, email the editor at km531 [at] or submissions lady gjd500 [at]

All our articles and more information is available on our website:
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Upcoming ArchSoc Events

New term, new socials and events! Join us at Fresher's Fair (Saturday Week One) or our first social (Thursday Week Two).


  • Week 2 ?
  • Week 3 Ghost Walk
  • Week 4 Treasure Hunt
  • Week 5 Film Night
  • Week 6 Lecture
  • Week 7 Historic Bar Crawl
  • Week 8 Bowling
  • Week 9 Dress up social
  • Week 10 KM party