Issue No.9 - January 2010

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First issued: January 2010Number of articles: 5
You Are Who You Eat
Few human behaviours induce more intense feelings of horror, disgust and revulsion - and fascination - than cannibalism (Stoneking 2003, 489) In t...
Imagery and Imagination: Facts and Fantasy in Archaeology
The use of an artist's interpretations in archaeological books and articles, as well as those on television, such as the work of Victor Ambrus, Time Team's Illu...
On Our Doorstep
This article is the first of a pair (the second to be in Issue 10) considering 2 examples of how the people of York interact with their heritage. Raindale Mill ...
Teffont Archaeological Project - Fieldwork Results Summary 2009
Click to enlargeFigure 1: The location of Teffont within south-west England, shown by a red dot. Reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data by permission of Ordna...
Gertrude Bell and Archaeology in Iraq: from World War I to the 'War on Terror'
Gertrude Bell was an extraordinary woman. Although she died at only 58 her life was one of achievement and adventure, and she was, " her time, the most inf...

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