Issue No.28 - March 2013

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First issued: March 2013Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Archaeology and people
Is it just me or has there been a lot of archaeology in the news lately? Taking the BBC News website as one example, during the past month there has been a vari...
Toying with museum curation: A serious business?
My name is Flo Laino, a third year BA Historical Archaeology undergraduate. Whilst undertaking a Visual Media module for my degree, I won a competition held by ...
Highlights of TAG 2012 Liverpool
There is much to discuss when considering a review on what is one of the biggest conferences in the archaeological calendar. The Theoretical Archaeology Group (...
Degenerative Joint Disease in Medieval Malmesbury and the challenges of evaluation
The Old Cinema Site at Malmesbury, Wiltshire has been surrounded by unanswered questions since its excavation in 2002 (Hart and Holbrook 2011, 166). The uncover...
The ethics of primatology and our treatment of animals
The ethics of primatology is a complex issue, and one which has received a lot of media attention in recent years, as well as becoming increasingly relevant to ...
Archaeology For All: Delivering the Council for British Archaeology’s engagement programmes
The Council for British Archaeology (CBA, is an educational charity with over 65 years of experience in supporting and developing ...

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