Issue No.25 - November 2012

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First issued: November 2012Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Orkney to Akrotiri, domesticity in focus
We have an exciting issue in store for you this month! Issue 25 has two broad themes. One of these is the intimate view of domestic history, glimpsed through th...
Rethinking the domestic architecture of Early Neolithic Orkney
Click to enlargeFigure 1: Domestic settlement in Orkney in the 4th and 3rd millennium BC (Reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey) ## Introduction...
Akrotiri: a jewel in ash
It all began with an article by Spyridon Marinatos published in Antiquity in 1939, in which he proposed a new theory regarding the demise of the Minoan civilisa...
Community Archaeology in the professional realm: the importance of public involvement
When I arrived in York to begin my MA coursework in Field Archaeology, I have to admit I did not expect to focus my studies on community archaeology. Having pre...
Gawthorpe Manor: engaging the public with Harewood’s medieval past
This article aims to provide a background to the public engagement programme which has been developed between Harewood House Trust and The University of York’...
The work of the Humber Sites and Monuments Record
The Humber Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) currently hold approximately 18,000 records, comprising all recorded historic and archaeological sites in the Hull a...

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