Issue No.20 - February 2012

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First issued: February 2012Number of articles: 7
Welcome to Issue 20 of The Post Hole, and thank you for reading! We have created what we hope is a very enjoyable and interesting journal for the start of the ...
Matt Williams Interview
Matt Williams is a PhD student and Research Associate at the University of York Archaeology Department and part of the DISPERSE Project (see link at end of inte...
Boltby Scar Excavation 2011
Our excavation at Boltby Scar began on May 3rd 2011. This was the first archaeological excavation I had ever visited, let alone been a part of, and from day one...
Ben Elliott Interview
Ben Elliott is a PhD student with a particular interest in Star Carr, antler working and the Mesolithic period in particular. He will be familiar to many from T...
Graveyard Survey - The 'Lost Art' of Fieldwork?
During the summer field schools of the University of York Archaeology department, between 2007 and 2010, Year 1 students were taught how to conduct a graveyard ...
Masters Advice
In Issue 19, four current Year 3 students gave a brief outline of their dissertation topics in the hope of helping those in other years still trying to decide w...
An Etiquette Guide to...Lectures and Seminars
The first in a series of etiquette guides for students of all years, on a number of University and Archaeological subjects. Right, so a little guide on the eti...

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