Editorial: One year on…

Emily Taylor
University of York
elt509 [at] york.ac.uk

As I sit to construct this final editorial, I find myself looking back on the past 12 months as Editor-in-Chief of The Post Hole. As Henry Ward Beecher states, ‘We should not judge people by the peak of their excellence, but by the distance they have travelled from the point where they started.’ Although this statement is debatable, I believe it relates to The Post Hole. It is a tremendous achievement to have been shortlisted for the British Archaeological Awards, The Post Hole’s journey is still ongoing and we expect to see great things from future teams. To commend this achievement, issue 39 opens with an account of the British Archaeological Awards 2014. The awards were held on Monday 14th July and a detailed account of the ceremony and individual awards is documented within this issue.

If we think about the journey, not only taken by The Post Hole but the associated team over the past academic year, the journal has provided new and exciting issues alongside an exclusive image competition and the successful ‘Digging through the Profession’ interview series. The image competition attracted 46 entries in total, and the winner chosen featured on the front of February Issue 35. The interview series, constructed by Managing Editor Rianca Vogels, created a unique and diverse element alongside the journal. The interviews provide an exclusive insight into professions associated with archaeology and helpful hints for those wishing to pursue a hobby or career within this sector (please visit https://www.theposthole.org/read/interviews). The team are gratefully appreciative to everyone who contributed; if you are still interested in participating over the summer please do still email editor [at] theposthole.org.

I planned, in September, to focus on publicity. The previous year saw the redevelopment of The Post Hole’s website and we were in a position to expand appreciation and understanding of the journal further across the globe. This year, we had five successful PR coordinators at other universities; Cambridge, Durham, Reading, Southampton and UCL. We expanded our Facebook numbers (759) and Twitter to over 1, 218 followers. Our largest readership is still sourced from within the UK, however we have growing readership in the USA, Australia and Canada. Appreciation for The Post Hole is vital; we rely on your submissions to produce issues and your collaboration within interviews, polls and upon our social media pages. Over the summer please continue to send your submissions to submissions [at] theposthole.org or email editor [at] theposthole.org.

Finally this year saw the redevelopment of The Post Hole’s promotional material and issue front cover. A big mention must go to Kerrie Hoffman, the Creative Designs Editor for all her hard work and her Creative Design Assistant Phoebe Haigh. (The promotional material can be viewed at https://www.theposthole.org/flyers). Whilst on the topic of acknowledgements, two people must be mentioned. Pat Gibbs of Heritage Technology, our York-based I.T. consultant and web designer, has and always will be an irreplaceable addition to the team, and the Head of Department Dr John Schofield, for his continuing support.

Within David Altoft’s final editorial in September 2013, he discussed the passing of responsibility between the current and future Editor-in-Chief. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Editor-in-Chief and it gives me great pleasure to introduce Ellie Green, my successor for 2014 – 2015. Ellie, a BSc Bioarchaeologist progressing into her third and final year at York University, previously worked as our Social Media Editor. Through this academic year Ellie has proven to be a great asset to not only the team but The Post Hole and therefore, with the full support of the current and future team, it is fantastic to able to formally introduce your new Editor-in-Chief. Ellie plans to make some exciting improvements to the website, advancing the journal further. I have every confidence that The Post Hole will grow from strength to strength. Don’t forget to keep updated via Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Following on from June Issue 38, the current team collectively decided to change the format and publish a selection of short articles from some of the team, creating a special touch to this issue. Still focussing upon archaeology, the team reflect upon their academic studies alongside personal interests and experiences. The issue works perfectly at drawing to a close an enjoyable year for the team and myself. We thank you for your continuing support and submissions, and we wish the succeeding team all the best for the coming year. I would like to thank my team for their support and commitment during my time as Editor-in-Chief.

Best wishes and I hope you all have a lovely summer,

Emily Taylor

(Editor-in-Chief of The Post Hole - editor [at] theposthole.org)