Issue No.6 - June 2009

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First issued: June 2009Number of articles: 6
Laser Scanning to Assassin's Creed: What's Cool in 3D Archaeology
Everyone is familiar with 3d visualisations in archaeology. From _Gladiator_ to _Time Team_, these CGI models are ubiquitous. However, in the discipline of Ar...
The Career of Lady Lara Croft: An Expose
Further to Mr Rounce's in-depth breakdown into the careers of Henry Jones Jr and Rene Belloq we feel that it would be wise to offer a similar insight into the c...
Interview with an Archaeologist: Simon Stevents, Senior Archaeologist with Archaeology South-East
What is your job title? I'm a Senior Archaeologist at Archaeology South-East, which is the commercial unit of University College London's Centre for Applied ...
Archaeology, Ethnography and Cosmology: Part 2
From the previously discussed ethnographic studies of the Berber and Balinese households it is clear that many 'traditional societies' perceive the world in a d...
A year as a post excavation Research Assistant
My name is Harry Robson. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Bradford reading Archaeology BSc (Hons) (4 years). This includes 2 years of studying...
Housing the Renaissance Man: An Introduction to Privacy in the Post-Medieval Country House
Books and reading - with the moment of solace they provide - are what I personally think of when I think about privacy. We all have our preconceptions as to the...

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