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First issued: February 2019Number of articles: 6
The roles of women in the past has long been one of the most hotly debated topics in archaeology. One needs only to look at the responses surrounding the ident...
Peter Jordan & Khanty Material Culture: A Critical Assessment of an Ethnographic Study into Shamanism
Introduction This paper will critically assess work by Peter Jordan on the material culture of shamanism. Chapter Six of The Archaeology of Shamanism (Jordan...
Mesolithic Mortuary Rites: An Evaluation of the Practices of Inhumation & Disarticulation
Introduction Mortuary rites are one of the quintessential sources of evidence in the archaeological record for understanding human behaviour and ideologies o...
The Utility of GIS in Large-Scale Zooarchaeological Analyses: A Case Study Focusing on a Mixed Context Site in the Midwestern United States
Introduction The following is a case study exploring how ArcGIS was incorporated in the zooarchaeological analysis of Coney Island of the West (21CR164): a 3...
King Richard's Field: The Impact of the Discovery of Richard III and the Finds from Bosworth Battlefield
Introduction The Battle of Bosworth has long been viewed as an iconic moment in British history: immortalised by Shakespeare, the battle saw the last death i...
The Evolution of Symbolic Inscription in Prehistory
Introduction For the majority of human prehistory, inscription is the only manifestation of symbolic behaviour visible in the archaeological record. Symbolic...

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