Issue No.51 - November 2018

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First issued: November 2018Number of articles: 5
I am delighted to be writing my first editorial for The Post Hole and can only apologise for the long delay between issues - I can assure the readers that the n...
Evaluating Vere Gordon Childe and his  Impact on Archaeology: A Critique
## Introduction It may be argued that Western archaeology has always been dominated by Capitalism (Hodder 1995, 199; Hamilakis 2007, 15-16). However, in the ...
Non-Functional Artefacts in Prehistory:  The Rise of Symbolism or Reliance on  Material Culture?
## Introduction For archaeologists, the process of understanding prehistoric non-functional material is fraught with ambiguity. When an artefact or structure...
Bog Bodies of Norway: In search Of Nordic Noir
## Introduction Since their discovery in the 17th century, bog bodies have gripped the imagination with their ability to tell fascinating, mysterious and ma...
Anthropophagic Engravings: Evoking the Natural World Through Cannibalism in Gough’s Cave
## Introduction For Palaeolithic hunters and their prey, the arena of life and death was universal. The movements of the universe that affected beasts influe...

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