Issue No.49 - March 2017

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First issued: March 2017Number of articles: 5
Editorial: ISIS and the Destruction of Culture
It is with the greatest of pleasure that I sit down to write my first editorial as editor-in-chief of _The Post Hole_. It has taken more time than I intended to...
Archaeological Heroes: An evaluation of Flinders Petrie’s contribution to Archaeology
In this essay I will be critically evaluating the contribution of W. M. Flinders Petrie – a renowned British Egyptologist and pioneer of systematic methodolog...
Experimental approaches for ‘Photogrammetric Pottery Reassembly (PPR)’, demonstrated by four Iron Age pots from Ham Hill, Somerset.
##Introduction Given the rapidly increasing role Photogrammetry is taking in the recording of archaeological sites, it is worth exploring the distinct advant...
The Greek Past and Roman Present: Coinage and Local Identity in Early Roman Corinth
Just over a century after its destruction by Lucius Mummius, the ancient Greek city of Corinth was re-founded as a Roman colony. Many contemporary sources prese...
Violence and group cohesion in the European Mesolithic
Debates about the presence or absence of violence in prehistory have often hinged upon how we see ourselves as a species. Are we innately violent, or have we be...

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