Issue No.44 - February 2015

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First issued: February 2015Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Sympathetic Restoration
The character of archaeology means that we are regularly in contact with fragile, important, and occasionally priceless artefacts. Life is full of accidents and...
Changes in the archaeological approach to gender since the early twentieth century.
In the early twentieth century there was very little concern for gender issues in archaeology, with men leading the study on all platforms. Leading female figur...
Differing treatments of the dead between three  pre-Columbian South American cultures:  Chinchorro, Paracas and Nascas
## Introduction There are many similarities among the pre-Columbian cultures of South America. Meaning an analysis between one early culture (Chinchorros) an...
Spatial organisation and material culture as  means to study identity
It has been argued that we can scarcely do without the word identity today to describe an almost inviolable right to exist (Rowlands 2007, 60). It is no surpris...
Notes on a Sculptural Fragment from  Chalcatzingo, Morelos, Mexico
### Introduction Click to enlargeFigure 1. The northwestern slopes of Cerro Chalcatzingo. (Image Copyright: Arnaud F. Lambert) The importance of Chalcatzi...
The Post Hole’s Photography and Art Competition
As Rianca Vogels, our previous Publicity Co-ordinator wrote, image is central to archaeology (Vogels 2014, 7). Photography and art are seen in great variety thr...

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