Issue No.43 - January 2015

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First issued: January 2015Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Ancient cheese and modern photography
To begin with, I would like to apologise for the delayed release of Issue 43; summative deadlines quickly crept up over the Christmas break and university work ...
The case for listing The Stonebow House, York, YO1 8ZQ, as a Grade II building
Click to enlargeFigure 1. Map of the area surrounding Stonebow House The history of Stonebow House has been filled with ups and downs. On the one hand, the a...
The academic memoirs of Professor Charles Thomas
Click to enlargeImage available at:!prettyPhoto Professor Charles Thomas is a noted a...
Knapped Glass: a practice of all cultures
Knapped glass, also known as lithic glass, worked glass, or flaked glass, can serve as an invaluable link between prehistoric and historic archaeology. The carr...
The implications of imposing modern concepts of the body and the person onto the past
In the past several decades, influenced by anthropology, feminism, and phenomenology, personhood and the body have been under scrutiny in archaeology. While it ...
An Index for Masculinity: The Role of the Female Figure on Attic Painted Pottery
The analysis of decorated pottery is an inherently problematic field: the scenes on Attic figured ware regularly incorporate allegory and symbolism, and thus th...

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