Issue No.41 - November 2014

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First issued: November 2014Number of articles: 6
Editorial: The ultimate multidiscipline
As I am delving deeper into bio-archaeology, arguably the most rapidly advancing sub-discipline of archaeology, I am becoming more aware of the importance of th...
An alternative look at heritage value: understanding what matters behind one's sense of place
The aim of this paper is to shed some light on a fascinating research area within critical heritage studies, considering how knowledge of the historic environme...
Understanding Late Pleistocene landscapes of Central Italy: a multidisciplinary approach
## Introduction In recent years environmental studies, applied to archaeological contexts, have seen a growth in importance. This development is mainly than...
Visual Analysis and Phased Interpretation of Chantry Chapel, Wakefield
The bridge chapel in Wakefield, Chantry Chapel, has been a Grade I listed building since 1953, and Wakefield Bridge is a scheduled ancient monument (English Her...
Bury Farm: Prehistory on the Granta and  involving the community
Since 2011, Cambridge University has been working with the ACE (Association for Cultural Exchange) foundation in an investigation on land beside the River Grant...
The Unique Nature of the London Mithraeum
The mystery cult of Mithras was a religious phenomenon that was, for the most part, propagated through, and associated with, the Roman military. Many inscriptio...

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