Issue No.40 - October 2014

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First issued: October 2014Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Every end is a new beginning
The annual academic overhaul has arrived and The Post Hole team is awash with new characters, big ideas and even higher ambitions. Exciting as these attributes ...
An investigation into the scientific nature of postprocessualism and the hermeneutic spiral
The majority of postprocessual archaeology is compatible with science. To justify this statement the demarcations of science must be studied to show that the st...
An interview with Professor Richard Bradley
Click to enlargeProfessor Bradley giving a guest lecture at the 2nd Annual Student Archaeology conference at the University of Reading in June 2014 (reproduced ...
Hendraburnick ‘quoit’: experiences and revelations of excavation
Disclaimer: As the author of this article, I would like to make it known to readers that although much of the material in this piece is a product of my own thou...
Interesting approaches for the analysis and interpretation of historic buildings
The study of vernacular buildings has long since drawn the attention of academics, though best practice is a contention which continues to plague the discourse....
The temple of Roma and Augustus on the Athenian Acropolis: A Symbol of Roman power?
Click to enlargeFigure 1. The NE corner of the Parthenon with the temple of Roma and Augustus, late 1st century BC. Restored by G. P. Stevens. Image courtesy of...

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