Issue No.35 - February 2014

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First issued: February 2014Number of articles: 7
Editorial: what is archaeology?
Each time I write this editorial, I think of what is happening within the discipline and current media reports. I always end up questioning what is archaeology ...
The Post Hole's Photo Competition
Archaeology is a field that is blessed with many different facets and with many nuances. With a few overlapping aspects, one that is central to all parts of arc...
Is the Pitt Rivers museum a ‘real’ museum or a museum of museums?
Christopher Howse (2009) described The Pitt Rivers Museum (PRM) as "a real museum". The museum differs to numerous contemporary and architecturally Victorian mu...
Neanderthal Funerary Practices: Complexity and Variation in Structured Responses to Death
## Introduction Death and dying are sensitive issues, but they are a natural and inevitable aspect of every culture around the world. The capability to underst...
Comment: archaeology needs to be more multidisciplinary
During last term, I studied a module on ancient DNA. As a third year BA student at the University of York, and one who had hated science at school, it was a hug...
 Revisiting the ‘Big Deal about Blades’: a full contextualisation of prismatic (volumetric laminar) technology before MOIS 5
## Introduction Since the earliest classifications and sub-divisions of the Palaeolithic (Lubbock 1865; de Mortillet 1867; Brueil 1912), prismatic (volumetric ...
Archaeology versus metal-detecting (and/or magnet-fishing)
Click to enlargeFigure 1. Musket balls found by metal detectorists (Image Copyright: W. Engelen). _Metal detectorists are often regarded as the destroyers of...

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