Issue No.31 - September 2013

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First issued: September 2013Number of articles: 6
Editorial: My end but The Post Hole’s beginning
Click to enlargeThe departing members of the editorial team after their graduation in July (L-R): David Altoft (Editor-in-Chief), Taryk Rawlins-Welburn (Managin...
New methods for sharing and exhibiting 3D archaeology
In Issue 6 of this publication, my dissertation supervisor, Dr Anthony Masinton, contributed an article detailing some of the latest and most exciting intersect...
The Heritage Skills in Education project
##The Heritage Skills in Education project: How to connect and engage educational charities, students and listed buildings in a multidisciplinary approach to co...
Reclaiming narratives: A response to De Mola
“Western civilisation has moved towards an intellectually confused and thus morally disordered state” Paul Joseph De Mola writes in the last issue of The Po...
The secret dig: First year prehistoric fieldschool at Star Carr
This article will briefly summarise the research background of the famous Mesolithic site of Star Carr in the Vale of Pickering (North Yorkshire) and discuss th...
Seedy work! The what, why and how of archaeobotanical analysis
This article is the first of two by the author relating to archaeobotanical assemblages. They aim to introduce the reader to the processes involved in archaeobo...

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