Issue No.30 - June 2013

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First issued: June 2013Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Celebrating 30 issues of The Post Hole
Welcome to what I hope will be a fascinating issue of The Post Hole! However, it is not just another issue, it is the 30th issue! Since it was established in 20...
Empowering voices from fragile states
Sierra Leone (Figure 1), 22nd May 2003. Torrential rain all night which finally eased off around 10am. We were up at six and, after a quick breakfast, packed ou...
Capitalism, chaos and our postmodern society
There was a time not so long ago when design and craftsmanship were part of a local philosophy; where business ethics were driven by delight in one’s work and...
Big kids: Are different methods needed to present heritage to adults and children?
For the presentation of heritage to adults, there are inconsistencies between the advice provided by the academic community and the physical forms of heritage p...
Archaeology under the microscope
Most archaeologists are aware that what we can see in the field is only a fraction of the archaeological record. This is perhaps especially obvious to anyone wh...
(Special Feature) Celebrating 150 years of promoting the study of Yorkshire’s past
Click to enlargeFigure 1: A heraldic manuscript from the YAS archives on display at Leeds City Museum (Image Copyright: Yorkshire Archaeological Society) Th...

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