Issue No.3 - January 2009

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First issued: January 2009Number of articles: 6
Archaeology is not an exact Science: The approaches and methods of two 1930s Archaeologists: Rene Belloq and Dr Henry Jones Jr. (Part One)
As Archaeology blossomed into the discipline we know today there emerged several notable figures, each making significant advances in archaeological method in t...
Interview with an Archaeologist - Pete Smith, English Heritage.
What is your job title? Senior Architectural Investigator, within Research and Standards, prior to this I was an Historic Buildings Inspector and Team Leader...
Review: The Architect is Not a Carpenter: On Design and Building, a talk by Tim Ingold
Professor Ingold, University of Aberdeen, gave a lecture with the above title to a collection of students and staff at the University of York on the 14th Januar...
Why Study the Present?
There is a challenge issued in "The History Boys" by the morally ambivalent Irwin as he leads his students through a discussion of the holocaust:Our perspective...
Ancient Science: The Antikythera Mechanism
The Antikythera Mechanism has been a source of intrigue and amazement since the main fragment was discovered by Valerios Stais in 1902. It was found in the wrec...
Hints and Tips: Volunteering
By now I'm guessing you have all been badgered about getting experience and becoming a "well rounded individual"; whether you're a first, second or third year, ...

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