Issue No.29 - May 2013

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First issued: May 2013Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Developing ‘Integrated Archaeology’
Welcome back to another issue of The Post Hole! Sorry to keep you waiting over the last two months. The team have had dissertations and essays to complete for o...
Calendrical glyphs and their use in the Olmec-style cave paintings of Oxtotitlán
A set of six cave paintings from Oxtotitlán in Guerrero, Mexico are re-interpreted as calendrical glyphs associated with the 260-day sacred Calendar Round. An ...
Ancient dental plaque: An unexpected journey into the past
Dental plaque is not the first (or the most glamorous) thing that comes to mind when you think of archaeology. So why would students like us spend a whole MSc o...
Past political, present tense, future perfect? The concept of political intrinsicality in archaeology
##The past is political There has long been a tendency within the social sciences to claim that the object of study is ‘political’. Whole fields of thoug...
Bosnian archaeological heritage: The valley of Visoko
The complex ethnic composition of the Balkans was often the cause of much conflict and political weakness in the area many centuries ago. When the former Social...
Romantic ruins and crumbling castles: The debt of buildings archaeology to the Gothic fiction of the eighteenth century
I have always had a great love of the Romantic Movement in late-eighteenth century literature. With its predictable but stirring plot motifs of fleeing virgins ...

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