Issue No.27 - February 2013

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First issued: February 2013Number of articles: 6
Editorial: An archaeology of choice
The need to make choices occurs frequently within the field of archaeology, especially when deciding what archaeological information can tell you about the past...
Archaeologists, propaganda and the military: Libya’s cultural heritage and the role of archaeologists in a political crisis
_The political uprisings of the Arab Spring from 2010 through to the present have seen the involvement of archaeologists and academics within the role of herita...
A possible place-sign (toponym) from Oxtotitlán Cave, Guerrero, Mexico
Click to enlargeFigure 1: Oxtotitlán Cave, Guerrero, Mexico (Image Copyright: Arnaud F. Lambert) _This paper re-evaluates a rock painting from Oxtotitlán C...
Can Django speak? New archaeologies of slavery
_Django Unchained_ has been nominated for five Oscars. However, the significance of the film goes beyond its technical and visual triumphs. It was a powerful in...
The turning of the tides: the history of Neanderthal research
As part of my Evolving Minds MSc Masters module at the University of York, I decided to have a look at key academic literature on Neanderthals from 1865 to the ...
Vikings at Torksey: a fieldwalking adventure of a first year archaeology student
## Vikings at Torksey, Julian D. Richards Torksey, situated in the county of Lincolnshire, England, is first referenced in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle entry for ...

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