Issue No.24 - October 2012

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First issued: October 2012Number of articles: 6
Editorial: A brand new year, a brand new Post Hole
For many archaeologists, October is a month of change, a chance for reflection and progression. The summer is over, and whilst we look fondly back at sunny (and...
Star Carr, in the words of Professor Nicky Milner
Professor Milner is a Mesolithic Archaeologist based at the University of York. We interviewed her earlier this year to find out about the home of Britain’s o...
The excavation of burial mounds in Shestovitsa, Ukraine
Archaeological methodology varies little from country to country. However, regional differences in terrain and research agendas call for different approaches de...
On the edge of the Moors: digging Boltby Scar hillfort
Despite the fact that we are Archaeology Undergraduates, most first year students have never been on an archaeological excavation before, let alone had a full a...
Exploring the Iron Age in North Duffield
Archaeology North Duffield (AND) was formed as a sub-group of North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society in 2009. Until that time, the Society’s ac...
Dissertation and other degree advice from York graduates
## Eight ways to make the most of your dissertation, Callum Reilly (BA Historical Archaeology) Writing a dissertation is no small task. Unfortunately, there ...

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