Issue No.11 - May 2010

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First issued: May 2010Number of articles: 4
Richmond: A Town and its Castle
Click to enlargeRichmond Castle ## Introduction Richmond castle has had a long and varied history, beginning with the Norman invasion in 1066. Located on th...
A Spanner in the Works
## Is it time to throw out your old textbooks as researchers retrieve 40,000 year old DNA? Seven years ago, Homo floresiensis caused a stir with its discovery ...
An Update from Hungate
## The Site Click to enlargeFigure 1. The remains of a late 10th century sunken building (left) and cess pits (right and rear) The last buildings to occup...
Interview with a Site Supervisor
Most jobs within archaeology are field-based or related in some way to commercial archaeology. A job in field archaeology is one where every day you are in cont...

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