Mark Simpson
ms788 [at] york.ac.uk

Welcome to Issue 21 of The Post Hole, the second issue of Spring Term. We have some very interesting articles for you this time, including a review of a recent biological anthropology conference at Teeside University, Darlington campus, by two York Year 3 archaeology students who were there; and more Masters advice from current students. There is also advice on choosing your Year 2 and 3 modules; a piece on local ecology and archaeology resource, Skipwith Common and the first of two articles in Gawthorpe Manor, site of one of last summer's student digs, among other things. So plenty to keep you reading!

In the news this month: friend of the University of York and The Post Hole, TV star Alice Roberts, has been appointed Professor of Public Engagement in Science at Birmingham University. This role will include research and teaching, as well as inspiring people about science in general. We wish her well.

Closer to home, the York 800 events and celebrations are getting underway. This is to mark 800th anniversary of York became a self-governing City in 1212. There is plenty going on over the spring, summer and autumn months, so keep a look out for something that interests you.

I was talking to a current York Masters student a few weeks ago and writing for The Post Hole got mentioned. When I asked the student why they had never contributed to the journal, the reply was that they had never felt they were good enough.

I would like to say to all of you, everyone reading this journal is good enough to contribute to it. In this issue alone we have contributions from Years 2 and 3 of undergraduate, from Masters students and from staff in the modules advice article. Last issue we even had two PhD students giving interviews. There is no barrier preventing anyone from having an article published, except the limits of individual ambition. So go on, send us something...

Finally, I would like to wish an early Happy Easter to everyone. Enjoy the upcoming end of term holidays and I hope you all come back refreshed for the summer term. To the 1st Years, have fun on excavation. 2nd Years, enjoy your Team Projects, they can be fun! To the 3rd Years and Masters students, good luck with the different stages of your respective dissertations and in general, enjoy being here at York and King's Manor.

Take care