Issue No.50 - December 2017

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First issued: December 2017Number of articles: 6
Unfortunately, it has been a number of months since the last issue of _The Post Hole_ was published, and for that I can only apologise. My tenure as editor-in-c...
Challenging Racism in Archaeology
On the 17th of May, Tabitha Kabora chaired a seminar on the issue of racism within archaeology. This is a short article based on the points discussed during tha...
Beyond Theory: Queer Theory in Practice
##Introduction Since its introduction, queer theory has found a comfortable niche in archaeology, being used to elucidate elements of identity in archaeologic...
Archaeological Heroes: Dorothy Garrod
Dorothy Annie Elizabeth Garrod (1892 – 1968) was the first female archaeologist to receive a professorship at the University of Cambridge, in 1932. She was kn...
Excavating Exploitation: An Analysis of the Archaeology of Exploitation in the Ancient Mediterranean
Although prostitution was a ubiquitous institution, which thrived across the Mediterranean region, this report focuses on its existence in ancient Rome. Using b...
Monkeying Around: An Evaluation of How Analogies with Modern Primates Can Help Make Inferences About Early Human Behaviour
##Introduction The behaviour of the closest living relatives to modern humans can give a tentative insight into how early humans may have behaved. Through obs...

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