Issue No.48 - June 2016

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First issued: June 2016Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Summer archaeology
Dear all, With great pleasure, the third years in the _Post Hole_ team, including myself can now (almost) call ourselves graduates in the field of archaeolog...
In remembrance of Professor Charles Thomas
It is with great sadness that I find myself writing this piece for our journal in fond remembrance of Professor Charles Thomas who passed at the age of 87. Prof...
Excavations of a Roman fort and vicus settlement at Binchester
##Introduction _NERRF research project aims and background_ In 2006, the North East Regional Research Framework for the Historical Environment proposed a ...
The Current Place of Theory in Modern Archaeological Research
##Introduction The fragmentation of archaeological theory in recent years has led to the apparent standstill of the synthesis of new theory and theoretical d...
The value of the ‘Book of the Dead’ for understanding identity in Ancient Egypt
The Books of the Dead is the name given to a ‘designation of a group of mortuary spells’ (Hornung and Lorton, 1999:13). These constitute over 200 papyrus sh...
The influence of archaeological discoveries since the C18th on understanding the ancient pre-Roman inhabitants of Britain.
Although the British Iron Age technically belongs to prehistory, the writings of classical authors have been highly influential in shaping our understanding of ...

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