Issue No.47 - January 2016

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First issued: January 2016Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Up the creek without a paddle
What a month it has been for everyone living and working in York! It has certainly been a hair raising start of term, when many of us faced the possibility of r...
Children in Viking Studies: a case for material culture studies
## Introduction Research agendas within Viking Studies traditionally focus on the men of early medieval Scandinavia (Jesch 1991, 1). In doing so, they inadequa...
The destruction of archaeological sites
The destruction of archaeological sites is not a modern phenomenon. Indeed, in Ancient times Julius Caesar is recorded as having burnt over “400,000”1 of th...
Understanding Employability in Professional Archaeology
## Context A number of metrics for the archaeological sector are recorded in ‘Profiling the Profession’, a series of reports produced at five-year interval...
Missed Opportunities and Unfulfilled Obligations: The case for using historic house museums as a vehicle for engaging with controversial and dissonant contemporary issues.
## Abstract Many historic house museums in the United Kingdom have had a long and tumultuous history before coming into the public realm. This essay argues tha...
The importance of London for craft and industry in medieval England
Understanding medieval London can be a struggle, and poses a rather difficult picture for archaeologists. Although the archaeological evidence is usually good i...

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