Issue No.46 - December 2015

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First issued: December 2015Number of articles: 6
Editorial: A warm welcome in a cold month
It is with great pleasure that I write my first editorial as editor-in-chief for _The Post Hole_. I would like to give my enormous thanks to last year’s team,...
The female prostitute in ancient Rome: An Identity
Prostitution is often stated as being the oldest profession (Gonsalves 2008, 157). Regardless of the questionable accuracy of this statement, prostitution is an...
Bodies in museums: The moral standing and displaying of the dead
Click to enlargeCover Photo: A photograph of the victims of Pol Pot’s totalitarian regime at the Choeung Ek Killing Fields memorial park, Phnom Penh, Cambodia...
The North Duffield Iron Age round-house
_This is the fourth in a series of articles concerning the activities of Archaeology North Duffield, the archaeology branch of the North Duffield Conservation a...
Observations on seven new cup-marked stone from Chalcatzingo, Morelos
## Introduction Despite the well-known corpus of rock carvings and stelae from Chalcatzingo, where mythic narratives and political allegories illustrated eli...
The remnant of a stone ballcourt ring from the Chalcatzingo archaeological zone
Click to enlargePlate 1: Photograph of the reconstructed ballcourt at Chalcatzingo. Source: Lambert. A. F. In recent years, there have been several discoveri...

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