Issue No.42 - December 2014

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First issued: December 2014Number of articles: 6
Editorial: The value of volunteering
Did you know that an estimated 15.2 million people volunteer at least once a month in the UK alone? A huge 22,500 organisations across the UK are dedicated to ...
The Balkan Cave Archaeology project:  Exploring the lifeways in Neolithic Balkan Caves
A shift in the interest of archaeological interpretations from socio-economic aspects of life, to concerns about social and ideological spheres has substantiall...
Changing approaches to the analysis and interpretation of medieval urban houses
Until the middle of the fourteenth century, most houses in towns contained a shop fronting the street (Clarke 2000, 59; Rees Jones 2008, 68). The approaches use...
The Council for British Archaeology (CBA)  and You
The Council for British Archaeology is one of the most renowned archaeological institutions within the UK. I am sure that almost every reader is aware of the co...
Reconstructing the Lenaia
The best-known of the Athenian dramatic festivals is the City Dionysia; a huge civic festival which took place in the Greek month of Elaphebolion, which equates...
Is the distinction between reconnaissance,  evaluation and full excavation useful, or even  viable, in archaeological fieldwork?
There is a clear separation of the different stages of the archaeological work conducted in the field. Questioning these reasons and the necessity of those reas...

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