Issue No.37 - May 2014

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First issued: May 2014Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Restoration, Restoration, Restoration
As I was sat the other day with course mates in our regular retreat and second home – the library – the TV series 'Restoration, Restoration, Restoration' wa...
Another Archaeology Road Trip: Denmark 2014
Click to enlargeFigure 1. The obligatory mermaid group shot (Image Copyright: J. Grant). Aidan Scott and I had considered Denmark as a destination for our an...
Public perceptions and attitudes to the ‘Southampton’s Titanic Story’ exhibition at the Sea City Museum
##Introduction When the Titanic sank during its maiden voyage in April 1912, the tragedy, in which more than 1500 passengers and crew died, gripped the news...
It’s all Fun and Games to You, isn’t you? The New Technology by the ‘New Generation’ in Archaeology
Improvements in technology have been aiding archaeologists since the birth of the modern profession. But never has the pace of development been so fast and so f...
Dialoguing with the Gods: the Liver Models from Mari
> *‘’When the country rebelled against Ibi-Sin, the liver appeared like this’’* > Inscribed on Mari Liver Model number 7 F II (Figure 1). Divination...
Cave Imagery in the Non-Olmec Rock Art of Oxtotitlán, Guerrero, Mexico
Click to enlargeFigure 1. Oxtotitlán Cave, Guerrero, Mexico (Image copyright: Arnaud F. Lambert). Throughout ancient Mesoamerica, caves were perceived as im...

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