Issue No.36 - March-April 2014

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First issued: March-April 2014Number of articles: 8
Editorial: ‘Digging through the Profession of Archaeology’ – a sneaky peek
I would like to start off by thanking everyone who completed a questionnaire titled ‘The Future of Museums’ for my dissertation. We have reached that time o...
What are non-intrusive archaeological survey techniques, and how are they used to archaeological advantages during excavation
There are a variety of non-intrusive archaeological survey techniques available to archaeologists which can assist excavations before they have begun, during th...
Django Unchained and 12 Years a Slave: Discourses on the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Implications of British Colonialism
Django Unchained was released in the UK on the 18th January 2013, around the same time I began my third year module ‘Archaeology of the Modern World’. It of...
The Childe Collective
In Edinburgh, we started a discussion group. I say we, for neither have I invented discussion groups, nor was I alone in wanting to put one in place, and I did ...
A well-oiled future: Recreating Babylonian oil divination
This paper looks at arguably the most ancient documented form of fortune-telling: Old Babylonian oil divination. The principle aim is to raise awareness of a mu...
The Temple of Isis in Pompeii: The Promise of Navigable Seas in a Seafaring Economy
An inscription upon Pompeii’s Temple of Isis, built in the second century B.C. and rebuilt following the 62 A.D. earthquake, reads (translated), “Numerius P...
‘Don’t forget about us’ – Why the archaeology of North-West England should not be neglected
##Introduction As a country, England has a wealth of archaeological sites and important historic monuments and artefacts, for example the princely cemetery of ...
Cultural Heritage Theory and Practice: raising awareness to a problem facing our generation
Last year, as an archaeology undergraduate at the University of York, I was fortunate enough to give a presentation at the first ever ASA Conference, held withi...

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