Issue No.34 - January 2014

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First issued: January 2014Number of articles: 6
Editorial: A new year for The Post Hole
Firstly, I would like to start off by wishing you all a ‘Happy New Year’. I hope you had an excellent holiday. A lot happens over the Christmas period and w...
The rise of blogs as knowledge-making space
With the rise of the technological age, we have seen great changes occur within archaeology as a discipline. The most important change has been accessibility; t...
An article review of Kennet D.J & J.P ‘Early State Formation in Southern Mesopotamia: Sea Levels, Shorelines, and Climate Change
**The article in review is published in the Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology (2006), 1: pp.67-99.** The impact of the environment upon early states ha...
An insight into Battlefield Archaeology – an interview with Tim Sutherland
_Tim Sutherland, a battlefield archaeologist, talks about his recent TV series Medieval Dead as well as current archaeology projects he is working on, including...
Insectiforms in Olmec-Style Art and Writing
Although insect-like animal figures form only a minor part of Olmec-style art, their significance to the Formative period inhabitants of the southern Gulf Coast...
Homo Heidelbergensis: with an emphasis on the Type Specimen from the Mauer
Homo heidelbergensis has been a subject of controversy in palaeoanthropology for more than 100 years. Some paleoanthropologists feel that fossils assigned to th...

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