Issue No.32 - November 2013

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First issued: November 2013Number of articles: 7
Editorial: The Post Hole celebrates its 5th birthday this year
As we embark on a new year for The Post Hole, we must look back at the previous team to congratulate them on the success that they achieved. David Altoft, edito...
A case of deliberately concealed objects from Argentina (Province of Buenos Aires, 19th century)
This paper describes a peculiar set of objects from the “La Elvira” site, also known as The Bicentennial House in La Matanza, the most populated county in t...
Re-Imagining Chalcatzingo Monument 10 in Light of Late Classic Period Oaxacan Sculptural Analogues
The present paper re-evaluates a petroglyph, designated as Monument 10, from the archaeological site of Chalcatzingo in Morelos, Mexico. Although this rock carv...
Language and Culture on Welsh Memorials
This article will explore the possibility of the adaptive re-use of closed and disused urban churchyards as public spaces. This will be done by engaging with pr...
How Can Phenomenological Methodologies help us understand past Landscapes?
> "Narrative is a means of understanding and describing the world in relation to agency. It is a means of linking locales, landscape, actions, events and experi...
Excavations at Songo Mnara in Tanzania
We slept in tents beneath palm trees, we showered with buckets, we ate fish straight from the sea and we waded through the mangroves. We were a long way from ho...
Myths of the Spanish Conquest: the league of Extraordinary Gentlemen
How could a “handful of Spanish” conquer and submit an empire? Were Columbus and Cortés exceptional men? In this article, the stereotypes surrounding key f...

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