Issue No.26 - January 2013

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First issued: January 2013Number of articles: 6
Editorial: Archaeology and a person’s view on the past
On New Year’s Day someone pointed out to me that 2013 is the first year since 1987 that is composed of four different numbers (2, 0, 1 and 3). That observatio...
Juxtlahuaca Redux
_1972 for a comparison with the personages at Chalcatzingo Monument 2, Carlo Gay published a drawing of the famous Olmec-style mural, known as Painting 1, from ...
A review of CHAT 2012: Why Historical and Contemporary Archaeology might be more than you thought
When given the opportunity to review The Contemporary and Historical Archaeology Conference (CHAT) 2012, I decided I wanted to do more than simply describe this...
Something for everyone: a ritualistic interpretation of Bronze Age burnt mounds from an ethnographic perspective
_Burnt mounds are among the most enigmatic archaeological features found across the British Isles. This paper provides an overview of current theories regarding...
Using your metal: an introduction to the Portable Antiquities Scheme
## What is the Portable Antiquities Scheme? The Portable Antiquities Scheme (often referred to as PAS) is a government-funded project intended to encourage mem...
Engaging young people with the Mesolithic
The Mesolithic period has often been seen as a poor relation to the other Stone Age periods: the Palaeolithic and Neolithic. Despite the term ‘Mesolithic’ b...

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