Issue No.2 - November 2008

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First issued: November 2008Number of articles: 7
The Portable Antiquities Scheme
The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) is an organisation aimed at the recording of archaeological objects found by members of the public. Begun in 1997 the sche...
Interview with an Archaeologist - Museum Curator Mr Andrew Morrison, Yorkshire Museum
What is your job title? Curator of Archaeology What are you current projects, museum or personal? We will be soon embarking on a complete refurbishment of ...
The State of Heritage in Chester
I am currently reading for a MA in Cultural Heritage Management here at York. However, I am also a History, Heritage and Archaeology graduate and an ex- residen...
Skipton's Archaeological Gateway to the Dales
If you are interested in Archaeology, Geology or Social History read on. Outside York by 40 miles is a town called Skipton (or Sheep-town from its Saxon deriva...
Hints and Tips: Making the Most of Your Christmas Holidays!
Whatever year you're in, take a break! Make sure you catch up on some sleep, chill with your mates and let your brains relax so you can actually cope with the n...
Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a new pyramid in Saqqar, near Cairo under 23 feet (7 meters) of sand. It is thought to be the 4,300 year old tomb of Que...
York Minster Library - Request for Volunteers
Click to enlargeYork Minster Library needs your help! The [York Minster Library]( needs yo...

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