Issue No.17 - July 2011

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First issued: July 2011Number of articles: 4
Assessment of reliability and usefulness of radiocarbon dates while studying colonisation processes.
One of the most important aspects of studying early humans is understanding how and when they entered and colonised new areas. For example, during the Mesolithi...
Nuances in the Archaeological Record Regarding the Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition
The aim of this article is two-fold; to help show the effects of an integrated multidisciplinary approach in studying and understanding the Mesolithic-Neolithic...
Media Perceptions of Prehistory: Mesolithic Hunter/Gatherers in early Doctor Who
For many students currently taking degrees, the year 1963 probably sounds like prehistory! However, it was this year that the recently popular and newly 'cool' ...
Arguing For a More Integrated Approach to Interpreting Prehistoric Cultures
The study of prehistoric cultures is never going to be easy as they encompass so much variation in space, time, social and economic context. However, it is made...

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