Issue No.16 - February 2011

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First issued: February 2011Number of articles: 7
A View From the Trenches
With the spring term at York University now more than half completed, the thoughts of first years may well be turning towards excavation in the summer term. So ...
The Archaeology of Synaesthesia
I should probably start off this article by telling you exactly what synaesthesia is, because the rest of the article will not make much sense without knowing a...
Relating To The Dead: Incorporating Archaeological Sites Into Our Personal Identity
I think it is fair to say that as archaeologists we tend to attach ourselves to certain archaeological sites, primarily those that we have excavated or worked o...
Adventures In Processual Theory
As archaeologists, we are meant to be intelligent, inquisitive, thoughtful, and above all — open-minded. What I find appalling is more often than not, we...
Anti-postprocessualism: a new hope
Some months have passed since my article on archaeological theory was published in The Post Hole (see issue 13). Since then, there has been a critique of my arg...
A reply to Preece: The Second Time Around
**The empirical methodology predominates in reality everywhere, seeming to risk ignoring known elements seen by archaeologists creating knowledge. Visualisation...
An Interview With Angela Clark
Angela Clark is a doctorate student at the University of Otago, in New Zealand. Her research is focused on Southeast Asian human remains, and last summer, she p...

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