Issue No.15 - January 2011

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First issued: January 2011Number of articles: 5
The Dawn of Woman
## The Ascent of MankindTwo and a half million years ago, as early man surveyed his surroundings, could he ever have guessed that the whole world would one day ...
An Interview with Dr Alice Roberts
Dr Alice Roberts is one of the country's foremost osteoarchaeologists, as well as being a leading figure in anatomy and anthropology. She has appeared on numero...
The Real Tomb Raider
## Busting the MythsOk, so I was in my third year and had (still do) a strong passion on the subject that is archaeology. I came to the conclusion that there we...
The East African Diaspora: The Problem with Slaves
Today, people of African descent are present all over the world. This is mostly due to the slave trade that was active from the 16th until the end of the 19th c...
An Interview with Tracey Sweek
Tracey Sweek is a Senior Conservator of stone, wall paintings and mosaics at the British Museum. She studied a conservation programme at the City and Guilds of ...

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