Issue No.12 - June 2010

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First issued: June 2010Number of articles: 8
Archaeology: Some Famous Thoughts
In light of this issue being focused on archaeology and the media, we here at The Post Hole thought we'd ask some celebrities for their thoughts on archaeology....
Archaeology in the Media
As archaeology students, we are perhaps more in-tune with archaeology in the media, with frequent access to archaeological journals, our own reading for coursew...
IPUP Conference 2010: Packaging the Past for the Media
The Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past held a conference entitled "Packaging the Past for the Media: Communicating across Museums, Television, R...
Who wants to be a TV star?
As a Curator of Egyptology for a museum in the North East of England, I have done my fair share of local media interviews to promote our collections. Personally...
Interview with Club Secretary, Phil Dunning, of York and District Metal Detecting Club - 11 June 2010
Thanks Erin for giving me the opportunity to put forward my personal thoughts on the questions you have raised. Click to enlargeYork and District Members at ...
When Indy met Xena: the Xena Scrolls
For me, the word calls to mind rare evenings when my mum let us eat dinner in front of the television. The series was one of many things which led me to have a ...
Clan of the Cave Bear: A Review
Despite being a work of fiction, the novel of the Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel seems to have become something of an archaeological institution. But how...
Interview with the Senior Editor of Archaeology Samir S. Patel
Christina Cartaciano - How did you become involved with Archaeology? Samir S. Patel - I trained as a science and environmental journalist and had never writ...

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