Issue No.10 - February 2010

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First issued: February 2010Number of articles: 4
Les Tombes Belle - The Use of 'Anthropologie de Terrain' In Prehistoric Archaeology
The French taphonomy-based discipline of 'anthropologie de terrain' is not an approach I expect many of you to be familiar with. It is a lamentable fact that th...
The Hidden City: York
Hidden Cities is a new photography feature intended to take Post Hole readers through parts of famous cities that tourists, and perhaps even the residents, nev...
On Our Doorstep - Part II
This is the second part of the On Our Doorstep feature considering examples of how the people of York interact with their heritage. For the first part, on Raind...
Talking with a Legend
## An interview with Professor Martin Carver, conducted by Mark Simpson- 17/02/10 If you ask an archaeologist, or even an archaeology student, to name a legend ...

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