Mark Simpson
ms788 [at] york.ac.uk

It is with a bittersweet feeling that I write this editorial for Issue 23. The sweet part is easy to explain, as we have an issue full of fascinating articles to end the summer term of 2012. In fact there is so much in the coming pages that I do not have room here to cover it all, but I shall give you the highlights.

Starting with our cover story, this looks at medieval pilgrim badges of Thomas Becket, from an MPhil student at the University of Cambridge. Then we move on to a review of the student digs at Heslington East, a summary from field officer Dr Cath Neal, a look back by two Year 3 students of their experiences digging in Kenya, a review of a recent Early Farmers conference and a look at the importance of digital data in archaeology. All this and much more...

One thing we do not have is the previously postponed (from last issue) second part of the review of excavations at Gawthorpe. This will definite be published in the next issue.

Now to the bitter part. This is my final editorial for The Post Hole. The last year has certainly been a roller-coaster ride, and not everything has gone right or to plan during the twelve months gone by. However, Team 2012 have, in my view, had a huge impact on the journal and I am proud of each and every one of them, and thank them unreservedly for their enthusiasm, support and fantastic contributions. I would also like to thank Izzy Winder for her great cover images during our tenure, all our brilliant contributors (we literally could not have done it without you) and you, the readers, for continuing to be interested in what we publish.

One of the current team members, Year 2 student David Altoft, will be taking over the editor's chair from the end of June 2012. He has written a short piece at the back of this issue, outlining some of his ideas for the year ahead, so please take a look and I hope you, will continue to support David and his new team with the same commitment you have given to our outgoing one.

Take care