O' How I Have Missed The Pub

Rejoice! The pubs are back! 

It's been a long and hard three-and-a-half-month stretch without the simple pleasure of sitting outside a cafe or in a beer garden sipping a coffee/beer. I took it for granted in the Pre-COVID world but now that we've all shared the mutual experience of the 21st century's "black death event" I guess we can all say that we will certainly be living our lives differently from now on. For me, I just know that I'm going to be much more appreciative of the outside world, and experience it in its full now that we are (hopefully) out of our last ever lockdown. God forbid we go into another one. 

In-keeping with the student life, the return of the pubs has been a huge boon to the overall quality of my third year, which for the most part has been spent sitting before the same exact desk for months on end. But, thankfully, the journey is nearly over - my dissertation is undergoing the seventh-or-eighth proofread as we speak, the assessed seminar is coming along nicely, and some extra-curricular activities are slowly simmering on the back-burner. I won't say I haven't enjoyed my third and final year as an Undergraduate; academically speaking its been my finest hour, however for me university was always about the blend of academia and socialising. You can't have one without the other, and unfortunately that's been the case for 50% of my degree, and many others. 

Let's look on the bright-side, though. The sun is shining (or at least it is now on the 23rd April), the pubs are open, and the work is nearly done (for Undergraduates anyway). So go out and grab yourself a pint, you've earned it. Kings.

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