Meet the Team: Freya Bates

Freya Bates

I am an arable farmer's daughter, originally from North Bedfordshire. I have had a great love for the science and the past from a young age, this meant that I inevitably fell in love with Bioarchaeology. My interests in particular lie in enhancing our understanding of Neanderthals through biomolecular analysis and ancient DNA.

I became an editor for The Post Hole in the first year of my degree. Working in the team has provided me with a wonderful insight into the academic work being produced by the student body. Whilst my own interests lie in archaeological science, I am always fascinated when I receive submissions on a wide range of archaeological topics. I am delighted to have become Editor-in-Chief for the second year of my degree. This year we have made a few changes to the journal. Recently we have introduced new word limits, a new website and this blog. I hope that changes like this will help The Post Hole to continue to be the premier student-run journal that it is. I am looking forward to working with the team of 2019-2020, and am delighted that the previous Editor-in-Chief continues to be part of the team.

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Freya V Bates
Editor-in-Chief | fvb502 [at]